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jCart is a free Ajax shopping cart that’s easy to install and customize.


Based on jQuery and PHP, jCart handles visitor input without reloading the page and is fully functional even without javascript.



Axis Commerce is an open source free eCommerce software built with PHP, MySQL, Ext JS and jQuery.


This eCommerce software is bundled with many features including Ajax based admin user interface, one page checkout, flexible discount system, poll module, shipping / tax calculator and multiple stores management.

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Django-Merchant (Python!!!)

Django-Merchant is a django application that enables you to use multiple payment processors from a single API.




Following gateways are supported:


Credit Card Processing





Braintree Payments (Server to Server)

Off-Site Processing



RBS WorldPay

Google Checkout

Amazon FPS

Braintree Payments (Transparent Redirect)

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GoCart is an open source e-commerce application which is focused on offering an easy to use/customize solution and not having a huge number of features but only the important ones.

It can have unlimited categories, tiered categories with any depth, unlimited products-product images-options and can display related items.

The built-in shipping methods include a flat or table rate, USPS, FedEx + UPS and has support for Paypal, Authorize.net and "COD (collect on delivery)" payment methods.

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Tikko kļuvusi aktuāla šī tēma. Domāju no malas piepelnīties ar mazākiem projektiem, piedāvā izveidot interneta veikalu. Neesmu ar e-komercijas platformām pazīstams, bet cik paskatījos dažādos topos piedāvātās platformas - visas ir baigi novecojuši sūdi. Prasības:

1) PHP 5.6+

2) light-weight (nekāds wordpress, symfony vai kaut kāds tamlīdzīgs overengineered crap)

3) moderns, vienkāršs un ērts visādā ziņā

Noteikti kaut kam tādam ir jābūt, neticu, ka neviens nekad nav iedomājies uztaisīt light-weight e-shop.

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