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Kas Jauns Web Izstrādes Jomā


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Tie, kas ir Webizstrādes skaipa čatā, zin, ka man bieži patīk uzdot jautājumu:

Kas Jauns Web Izstrādes Jomā?

Un zin arī to, ka dažreiz man laiks atļauj sameklēt diezgan daudz vairāk vai mazāk svarīgus jaunumus.

Dažreiz šo jaunumu sanāk diezgan daudz un grūti visus viņus izlasīt.


Tad nu no šīs dienas visus šos jaunumus (kas twītos apzīmēti ar #kjwij - ja gribat izmantojiet arī savos twītos šo hashtagu un jūsu twīts tiks iekļauts, bet lūdzu nespamojiet ;) ) varēs izlasīt kā paper.li "avīzīti", kas iznāks 1x dienā 14:00 pēc Rīgas laika.





P.S. Jā, tā ir nekaunīga pašreklāma, lūdzu piedodiet! :)

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NoSQL Data Modeling Techniques


NoSQL databases are often compared by various non-functional criteria, such as scalability, performance, and consistency. This aspect of NoSQL is well-studied both in practice and theory because specific non-functional properties are often the main justification for NoSQL usage and fundamental results on distributed systems like CAP theorem are well applicable to the NoSQL systems. At the same time, NoSQL data modeling is not so well studied and lacks of systematic theory like in relational databases. In this article I provide a short comparison of NoSQL system families from the data modeling point of view and digest several common modeling techniques.


Chico UI is an open source and free set of user interface components to ease developing with jQuery.



phpVirtualBox An open source, AJAX implementation of the VirtualBox user interface written in PHP.


An open source, AJAX implementation of the VirtualBox user interface written in PHP. As a modern web interface, it allows you to access and control remote VirtualBox instances. Much of its verbage and some of its code is based on the (inactive) vboxweb project. phpVirtualBox was designed to allow users to administer VirtualBox in a headless environment - mirroring the VirtualBox GUI through its web interface.


Bezier Curve based easing functions – from concept to implementation


Many animation libraries are today using easing functions – functions of time returning a progression percentage value. This is required to perform [such] cool effects

But most of these libraries implement a huge collection of functions. We will see how we can generalize them with bezier curves.


Why upgrading your Linux Kernel will make your customers much happier


Sometimes we hear that crazy developer talk about some magical thing you can do that will increase performance everywhere by 30% (feel free to replace that percentage with whatever sits right for you).

In the past week or so I have been playing the role of “that guy”. The ranting lunatic. Some times this crazy guy throws all sorts of other terms around that make them sound more crazy. Like say: TCP or Slow Start or Latency … and so on.


CSS pitfalls and how to overcome them


When you write CSS, there are some problems you may run into. Then, to overcome the situation, you’ll need to use some small and effective CSS tricks.

In this article I’ll try to show you some tips and tricks that can definitely help you when writing CSS.


Making a Fast Website


It’s always been important to make your website fast. Not only is it obvious visitors are going to prefer it but it’s now well-known that Google uses loading speed as a ranking metric. The initial page load of your website is perhaps the most important. The longer it takes to load the more visitors are going to press back and find an alternative. A slow website is something that could potentially frustrate visitors so it’s important to try and remove it from the equation.
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ACID vs. BASE: The Shifting pH of Database Transaction Processing


Ask any data professional and they could probably explain the ACID (Atomicity, Consistency, Isolation, and Durability) acronym quite well. The concept has been around for decades and until recently was the primary benchmark that all databases strive to achieve – without the ACID requirement in place within a given system, reliability was suspect.


In 2000, Eric Brewer presented his keynote speech at the ACM Symposium on the Principles of Distributed Computing and CAP Theorem was born. Most people in the outside world have never heard of such a theorem nor do they care; they just want their PCs to work, the Internet to work, social media to work, all with consistent availability to their files. CAP Theorem, also known as Brewer’s Theorem, was later revised and altered through the work of Seth Gilbert and Nancy Lynch of MIT in 2002, plus many others since. The central tenet of the theorem states that there are three essential system requirements necessary for the successful design, implementation and deployment of applications in distributed computing systems. They are Consistency, Availability and Partition Tolerance – or CAP


Faster JavaScript Through Category Theory


This post started out as a gist meant to help work through what I’ve learned about category theory by applying it to something I already knew, JavaScript. The surprising result is a clearly defined set of JavaScript functions and jQuery helpers that can be optimized to reduce execution time.

In the course of this post we’ll define two categories: one for HTMLElements and the other for jQuery objects. We’ll then construct a Functor that maps from the category of HTMLElements to the category of jQuery objects. At the end we’ll see how jQuery plugin authors can help user’s speed up their JavaScript using what we learned along the way.


Pragmatic, practical font sizing in CSS


The problems I found I had with font-sizing on any site include (but are not limited to):


Repetition of font-size, line-height etc declarations.

Overly-specific and/or location-dependent selectors (e.g. .sidebar h2{}).

Arbitrary font sizes could and did creep into my CSS.

When using rem with px fallbacks, there is a lot to type!


And a few important things to remember:


Font sizes, like colour palettes, should be limited, preset and non-arbitrary.

Vertical rhythm is important and easy.

DRY code is important for both efficiency and maintainability.

It’s important to save yourself as much time as possible.

Classes are neither semantic or insemantic.


FlashJS is JavaScript graphics and game development engine with API similar to Flash one.


FlashJS was born at the crossroad of HTML / CSS and beautiful Flash objective model that is known by many interactive developers and fits great for game development.

This library allows to develop HTML5 games and applications in the way that is similar to ordinary AS3 development.

FlashJS was designed to show maximum perfomance for HTML/CSS platforms.


How Not To Sell Software in 2012


Today’s startups are tomorrow’s enterprises. Many of the other startup folks I know share the same expectations about how software should be sold. Basically, if a given software package or service isn’t free/open, it should be as easy as humanly possible to try it, pay for it, and start using it in production. If it isn’t easy to get started with your product, I’m going to find another vendor.
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Why Use the Triple-Equals Operator in JavaScript?


“Determining whether two variables are equivalent is one of the most important operations in programming.” That’s according to Nicholas Zakas in his book JavaScript for Web Developers.


In other words, throughout your scripts you’ll probably have lines resembling this:


if (x == y) {

// do something here



Or, if you’re conforming to best practices, this:


if (x === y) {

// do something here



The difference between those two examples is that the second example uses the triple-equals operator, also called “strict equals” or “identically equal”.


Getting Truth Out of the DOM


Yehuda Katz discusses techniques for keeping data out of the DOM based on the idea that retrieving such data from the DOM involves a performance penalty and may affect data integrity.
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