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Kur ir namespaces?


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Is it true that you have decided not to include namespaces, and will you reconsider implementing namespaces at some later date?

  Namespaces as well as nested classes were secluded from PHP 5 because they don't map well to PHP, and the gain they bring is not significant, versus the amount of complexity they add to the language. Since I don't expect this to change at a later date, I don't expect to see namespaces in PHP in the future.


Iz http://www.zend.com/php/ask_experts.php


Par nested klasēm vēl OK, iztiksim, taču par namespacēm man arī ir žēl, jo ieguvums no tām tomer būtu tomēr pietiekami "significant".

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a tad vispaar kas askiriigs no 4urtaas versijas tur ir?


/me slinkums pasham likt un skatiities (:

uzliekot un paskatoties nekādu atšķirību tu neredzēsi :P pavazājies pa zend.com, tur atradīsi ;)

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