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Hello, guys!


I have a problem I can't solve myself. I am web-developer from Estonia and I need to implement an algorithm for converting a random numeric to correct latvian words. You know, this is needed for printed accounts for example.


Can you give me proper php-function or class to convert i.e. "53.10" to "Piecdesmit trīs lati 10 santīmi"? I have found this script on your site, but seems it is not correct. If I convert "23123.23" I get "desmit tukstosi simti desmit lati desmit santimi", wich definilty not right.


I would be very thankful if you help me!

P.S. PHP::PEAR repository has class named Number2Words with english, russian, estonian, lithuanian and others language support. It would be good if your community add there Latvian language support as well!

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