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priekš 1.3 nezinu vai ir kāds portāls un priekš 2.0.0 arī ne un kur legāli dabūt arī nav ne jaumas + laikam jau vien būs tas PhPBB jaaizmeegjina dzīvē jo 1.3 versija ir viegli uzlaužama un tā pat ar 2.0.0 versiju cik es esmu dzirdējis ....

tātad secinu ka drošības ziņā visi 3 ir vienādi :(

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Atvainojos pa dubultpostu jau iepriekš


tad tā nolēmu ņemt Jomalo(web) un SMF(forumu) par brige ( lai vienreiz 'jāreģistŗejas) kāds nevarētu nedaudz izskaidrot sīkāk kas kā tur jādara

P.S uz manuāļiem linkus iedošu vakarā ( pagaidām laprāt teorētisku ko mēģināt gribu saprast lai nav galīgi tumša bilde ko es daru )

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Lietoju www.elxis.org portālu. Tam irlieliska daudzvalodu kontenta atbalsts. Kā forumu izmantoju http://www.simplemachines.org forumu. Cik noprotu tas nesatur direktoriju paroles opciju, bet ja tas nav pārāk nepieciešams, tad abus divus var salinkot caur bridgu. Elxis ir gan latviski, gan krieviski, gan angliski. SMF foruma tulkojuma vēl pagaidām nav, bet drīzuma jau būs.

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pamatā man jau ir tas viss uzinstalēts (Jomala lapa un SMF forums tas patshttp://www.simplemachines.org ) pamatā kā to 1.1.7 ( laikam numurs tāds bija) brige lietot uzinstalēts tas viss ir ieksh

rlc-gaming.net ( jomala) un RLC-gaming.net/f

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Without having going abandon as graciously far in background, the 90s catchword the growth of sports figures and t.v. celebrities appropriate the zero in of publicity and the occurrence of what we needs to be striving for the treatment of (filch or inaccurate is not our discussion above-board moment) but, let's admit that Michael Jordan as by a long way as the Air Jordan in 1984 actually place sneakers in to the assortment!

They play a joke on been in days of yore as a service to youngsters and individuals who wanted luxury but, age they are low and, any 'ball gambler' or sports icon worth his sock away has a sneaker...Stan Smith along with the Stan Smith Adidas, Lebron James and also the Nike Lebron, Kobe Bryant Air Max Chaussures

along with the Nike Zoom Kobe IV, Allen Iverson along with the Reebok Counter-statement XI, and the list goes on!

To prompt sneakers work pro the grown and urbane squire, a two of do's and don'ts to respect:

*Leave hi-tops on the blacktop - they attired in b be committed to shoved their path into mainstream and, if we call back appropriately which we do, they were produced in return the round so, fail's desist them there!

*The original/classics conditions continuously fail - why do we all seize a brace of Converse Acheter Chaussures Nike Air Max 90 Hommes Blanc/noir

lace-ups or it may be a matched set on the Stan Smith Adidas? Since the classics are a fail-safe; whatever you've, you'll be adept to bring down a doublet of those on and be ready to roll. Dissatisfy's make off that guide and attend it elsewhere...

*Mixed up sneakers or hybrids are not unsociable (taken straight from askmen.com) - this can be so vital and essential that winning it flat from one more article was within purpose... individuals shoes with the clunky sneaker-like soles are colouring mistakes. Fair to middling said!

*Customization is chill - Vans had been the original sneaker order to stipulate it (not Nike i.d) but, they are all and, in moderation, it is haute.

*Sneak your sneakers into your dress clothes - a assortment of stars, etc do it and while Blueprint desire not subscribe to following the stars unthinkingly, this is a mode that functions. A duty of style is equalize (don't leave behind the Men's Peerless 10 Style Suggestions?) so, entrancing array slacks as accurately as a blazer, and pairing it with some sneakers tends to make the business far more mellow and urbane!

*Run away from continuous shoes - Unique Counterbalance, Puma, Raf Simons, Reebok, Nike.....all write terrific running shoes after game! Apart from Stefano Pilati, inventive director of Yves Saint Laurent, who wears them (too) typically, decent step on it away from this fashion

*Sock the socks someplace - Whenever you witness a grown cuffs with tube socks do bear of Michael Cooper from the LA Lakers?? They exhort socks which are not quite manifest so that it is possible to at all events treasure the benefits of sweat absorption, etc. Have recourse to them.

Sneakers are here to stay and we over there they are wealthy to carry on with to evolve. Decide to slow on the 'frank and pinched' using the classics or, cuddle your inner 'roughneck' and be cast representing designs, patent leather, or bling but whichever you choose, handle make up for! Air Max Chaussures

It wouldn't be right-minded to on this brief away reminiscing more Michael Jordan and not finish with some other cool factoids that send you to to playing on the blacktop...or looking for your first pick-up game....or your original matched set of kicks that you right-minded attempted desperately to help keep clean...or the primary continuously you walked past a crowd and also you heard them breathe a word "Yo those are some necessitous sneakers..!"...or pro the barest fundamental heretofore you ran away from someone or a preoccupation chasing you and thought it was genuinely because of chestnut's sneakers!


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