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kverijs neatjauno, bet izveido tadu velvienu

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Sveiki. Variet luudzu kads palabot sho mysql kveriju. Probleema taaada, ka tas nevis atjauno jau esoshos datus, kur niks = $niks, bet gan izveido velvienu taadu rindu. Kapec tas taa ir?


$result = mysql_query("UPDATE `db_cup_players` SET `points` = '".$points."', `x1x1played4` = '".$x1x1played4."', `x1x1played8` = '".$x1x1played8."', `meleeplayed6` = '".$meleeplayed6."', `meleeplayed8` = '".$meleeplayed8."', `totalplayed` = '".$totalplayed."', `x1x1final4` = '".$x1x1final4."', `x1x1final8` = '".$x1x1final8."', `meleefinal6` = '".$meleefinal6."', `meleefinal8` = '".$meleefinal8."', `totalfinal` = '".$totalfinal."', `x1x1win4` = '".$x1x1win4."', `x1x1win8` = '".$x1x1win8."', `meleewin6` = '".$meleewin6."', `meleewin8` = '".$meleewin8."', `totalwin` = '".$totalwin."', `firstcup` = '".$firstcup."', `lastcup` = '".$lastcup."' WHERE niks = '".$niks."'");
if (mysql_affected_rows() == 0)
// No records updated, so add it
$result = mysql_query("INSERT INTO `db_cup_players` (niks, points, x1x1played4, x1x1played8, meleeplayed6, meleeplayed8, totalplayed, x1x1final4, x1x1final8, meleefinal6, meleefinal8, totalfinal, x1x1win4, x1x1win8, meleewin6, meleewin8, totalwin, firstcup, lastcup) VALUES ('".$niks."', '".$points."', '".$x1x1played4."', '".$x1x1played8."', '".$meleeplayed6."', '".$meleeplayed8."', '".$totalplayed."', '".$x1x1final4."', '".$x1x1final8."', '".$meleefinal6."', '".$meleefinal8."', '".$totalfinal."', '".$x1x1win4."', '".$x1x1win8."', '".$meleewin6."', '".$meleewin8."', '".$totalwin."', '".$firstcup."', '".$lastcup."')");
echo Done;



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