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So sick!

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Šo fīču taisīju vienam interneta veikalam, taču, tas interneta veikals vairs nepastāv un tāpēc izdomāju publicēt šo skriptiņu.. nekas liels, bet nu.. gatavs skriptiņš :)

header("Content-type: text/xml");
// Settings
$website = 'veikals.lv';
// Connection
$link = mysql_connect("localhost", "user", "parole");
$select_db = mysql_select_db("opencart");

// Select
$sql = "SELECT product_description.name, product.product_id, product.price, product.image, category.parent_id, product_to_category.category_id
FROM product
LEFT JOIN product_description ON product.product_id=product_description.product_id
LEFT JOIN product_to_category ON product.product_id=product_to_category.product_id
LEFT JOIN category_description ON product_to_category.category_id=category_description.category_id
LEFT JOIN category ON category.category_id=category_description.category_id";
$result = mysql_query($sql) or die (mysql_error());
$xml_output  = "<?xml version=\"1.0\" encoding=\"utf-8\"?>\n";
$xml_output .= "<root>\n";
$prev_value = 0;
while ($line = mysql_fetch_assoc($result)) {
if ($prev_value != $line['product_id']) { $prev_value = $line['product_id'];
 // Echo
 $parent_id = $line['parent_id'];
 $sql2 = "SELECT name FROM category_description WHERE category_id=$parent_id AND language_id=2";
 $result2 = mysql_query($sql2) or die (mysql_error());
 while($parent_name1 = mysql_fetch_assoc($result2)){ $parent_name = $parent_name1['name']; }
 if(isset($parent_name)) {$parent_symbol = ">";}else{$parent_symbol = "";}

 $category_id = $line['category_id'];
 $sql3 = "SELECT name FROM category_description WHERE category_id=$category_id AND language_id=2";
 $result3 = mysql_query($sql3) or die (mysql_error());
 while($category_name1 = mysql_fetch_assoc($result3)){ $category_name = $category_name1['name']; }

 $xml_output  .= "<item>\n";
 $xml_output  .= "<name>".$line['name']."</name>\n";
 $xml_output  .= "<link>http:///".$website."/index.php?route=product/product&product_id=".$line['product_id']."</link>\n";
 $xml_output  .= "<price>".$line['price']."</price>\n";
 $xml_output  .= "<image>http://".$website.".lv/image/".$line['image']."</image>\n";
 $xml_output  .= "<category>".$category_name."</category>\n";
 $xml_output  .= "<category_full>".$parent_name." ".$parent_symbol." ".$category_name."</category_full>\n";
 $xml_output  .= "<category_link>http:///".$website."/index.php?route=product/category&path=".$line['category_id']."</category_link>\n";
 $xml_output  .= "</item>\n";
$xml_output .= "</root>";
echo $xml_output;


Vajadzētu strādāt perfekti uz kurpirkt.lv un salidzini.lv


Last modified 15.03.2011 :D

Edited by So sick!
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