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Pievieno, nevis atjauno

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Taatad, problemina taada, ka mans kverijs nevis atjauno jau esoshus lietotaja datus, bet gan velreiz pievieno identisku ierakstu datubaazee, tapeec ludzu palidziet man atrisinat sho problemu. Tada sajuta ka vins neatpazist to ka "niks" ailiitee esoshie dati ir tadi pashi kaa $niks


$result = mysql_query("UPDATE `db_players` SET points='".$points."', x1x1played4='".$x1x1played4."'' WHERE niks='".$niks."'");
if (mysql_affected_rows() == 0)
$result = mysql_query("INSERT INTO db_cup_players (niks, points, x1x1played4) VALUES ('".$niks."', '".$points."', '".$x1x1played4."')");

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 Return Values

Returns the number of affected rows on success, and -1 if the last query failed. 


Varbūt kverijā kļūda?


konkrētāk šī vieta


divas pēdiņs beigās?

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