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get_called_class() uz vecāka php5


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Šitas variants nostrādāja:


if(!function_exists('get_called_class')) {  
   class class_tools {  
       static $i = 0;  
       static $fl = null;  

       static function get_called_class() {  
           $bt = debug_backtrace();  

           if(self::$fl == $bt[2]['file'].$bt[2]['line']) {  
           } else {  
               self::$i = 0;  
               self::$fl = $bt[2]['file'].$bt[2]['line'];  

           $lines = file($bt[2]['file']);  


           return $matches[1][self::$i];  

   function get_called_class() {  
       return class_tools::get_called_class();  


Drošvien ka biju sapisies meistarībā.

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Šeit ir tāda, kā lai latviski izsakās, metode, kura pēc backtrace meklē vietu php failā, kur statiski metode tika izsaukta, lai uzzinātu klases nosaukumu:

no http://www.php.net/manual/en/function.get-called-class.php#93799


if(!function_exists('get_called_class')) {
function get_called_class($bt = false,$l = 1) {
   if (!$bt) $bt = debug_backtrace();
   if (!isset($bt[$l])) throw new Exception("Cannot find called class -> stack level too deep.");
   if (!isset($bt[$l]['type'])) {
       throw new Exception ('type not set');
   else switch ($bt[$l]['type']) {
       case '::':
           $lines = file($bt[$l]['file']);
           $i = 0;
           $callerLine = '';
           do {
               $callerLine = $lines[$bt[$l]['line']-$i] . $callerLine;
           } while (stripos($callerLine,$bt[$l]['function']) === false);
           if (!isset($matches[1])) {
               // must be an edge case.
               throw new Exception ("Could not find caller class: originating method call is obscured.");
           switch ($matches[1]) {
               case 'self':
               case 'parent':
                   return get_called_class($bt,$l+1);
                   return $matches[1];
           // won't get here.
       case '->': switch ($bt[$l]['function']) {
               case '__get':
                   // edge case -> get class of calling object
                   if (!is_object($bt[$l]['object'])) throw new Exception ("Edge case fail. __get called on non object.");
                   return get_class($bt[$l]['object']);
               default: return $bt[$l]['class'];

       default: throw new Exception ("Unknown backtrace method type");





Jā šķiet, ka tavā variantā arī meklē koda faila rindiņu, lai noskaidrotu klases nosaukumu.

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