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Weaning the Web off of Session Cookies Making Digest Authentication Viable by Timothy D. Morgan


In this paper, we compare the security weaknesses and usability limitations of both cookiebased session management and HTTP digest authentication; demonstrating how digest authentication is clearly the more secure system in practice. We propose several small changes in browser behavior and HTTP standards that will make HTTP authenti*cation schemes, such as digest authentication, a viable option in future application development.

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Interesants temats, kas it īpaši aktuāls tieši "mākoņu" palielināšanās dēļ:

Host-proof Hosting sīkāk aprakstīta arī šeit Host-proof applications: doing it wrong un šeit aprakstīts šādas aplikācijas piemērs cryp.sr - a minimal host-proof cryptographic textpad - pati aplikācija - http://cryp.sr/ A host-proof cryptographic text pad.


Patiks tiem, kam patika "Stateless session cookies" ;)

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