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  1. Local beer variety https://t.co/5Jct4PS27h

  2. @ken_wheeler You need a study room.

  3. RT @guardian: Is this the future of fake news? https://t.co/y9MBmsjHeW

  4. RT @JanAlbrecht: The @EU_Commission has to stop the new #dataretention law in Italy NOW. Clear breach of standing ECJ jurisprudence! @Timme…

  5. @Swizec @mweststrate @hugoccampos @AdamRackis @acemarke @satya164 @ken_wheeler No, hardware can't be "functional" i… https://t.co/1LoywkZhDw

  6. Neurodiversity is almost always overlooked by diversity efforts.

  7. Can't wait until native support for ES modules.

  8. RT @rudolfsvikmanis: @jergason @TheLarkInn Fascinated by computers since I was a kid. First coding experience: mIRC scripts. Started webdev…

  9. RT @joeerl: Move slowly and understand what you are doing.

  10. This is the greatest challenge https://t.co/M0NtTzL2Wg

  11. @raganwald Since when did the queen stop being head of state?

  12. RT @xkcdComic: Quantum https://t.co/fFSOUUbidP https://t.co/o0kgHC2sjJ https://t.co/0qe5ju232D

  13. RT @APA: Wonder which social media app is most likely to have negative impact on young people's mental health? Instagram https://t.co/XYEUP…

  14. RT @blowdart: I'm going to be rich. Via Reddit. https://t.co/Oc9GSiFChS

  15. @TheRealChadtech And there's fantasy-land for those JS people who want think deeper about mapping and other things. https://t.co/5WYmc18Skh

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