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  1. I'm sorry but we are not interested in a free worker, we are searching for a professional IT person who can also continue with us as we go forward
  2. the salary depends entirely on the person and the impression that makes on me and on his work the reason is that I worked in the past with highly professional people who did very bad work, and also I worked with students or IT people with no academic knowledge at all who made amazing work there is also an option for the candidate to get percentage in the company (shares), but it'll happen after a while in general there are some tasks that require a good IT guy for (one is installation of a new linux server next week) but tasks of IT will raise with time and we need to find a very good IT person since this is such an important job in the company. for example we have one task on Thursday that is related to installation of a linux server, I'd like this already to be done together with an IT guy from Latvia who may see this post and decide to file his attendance. in more details, we are going to install a new server that is physically located in Frankfurt we'll need to copy to the server mysql database (~10 GB) + install apache, webmin or cpanel, migrate one web site to the server (including his database and other related things) and configure firewall and backup system. (and maybe some more things that I forgot) I have a budget of 30 euro per one work hour that I can allocate for this task
  3. Hello I search for an IT guy who can participate in projects that I'm involved with. requirements from attendees: personal qualities: a trusted person responsible person ability to work in a group or with different people knowledge of English language, medium level at least (read, write, communicate) developer knowledge & experience: php html css optional: html5, jscript sys admin knowledge & experience: os: linux putty buying domain, configuring name servers configuring proxy installing different applications and configuring them (Apache / other tools) server performance monitoring mysql knowledge & experience: install and configure mysql on linux os's optional: experience in database tuning (db level, sql level) optional: basic sql knowledge if you are interested than please send cv to boaz@humansapiens.com (and write in subject "developer job") students or people who are interested in part time job are welcome thank you and good luck :) Boaz
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